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  1. ...ownership of the book) immediately but Whose is this book? is all right .

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  2. 這段話的主旨是談論有關攝影的基本構圖原則。 1.) Put it about one-third of the way into the picture , from any side. 主體或焦點放置於1/3的位置,(不要放置於中心位置),是所謂 "rule of thirds",

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  3. ...'ve gotta go. 兩個相鄰的母音可能會省略後面的:You^are right .>You're right . 此外,舊資訊的字音(還包括function words...

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  5. ... is not about being immortal nor having food or rights inone's hand. It’s about having each tiny wish come true, or havingsomething...

  6. Fd和gf明顯有分別。我覺得他是說笑,或者他真的只是想跟你玩玩男女關係,沒想到你這麼認真,不想你生氣煩著他,才繼續哄你說你們是男女朋友。可能你們表面是男女朋友,但他未必真心喜歡你。這只是我個人猜測不必認真。你也別執著在這句話上,最重要是他現在對你好,你跟...

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  7. 因為the " right " side是在「右」邊。英文的「正確」與「右」是同一個字: right

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  8. ...since she was not a party to the agreements, she had no right to participate in management.” 判決文中提到:「在法律上,她是前夫權益半數的...

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  9. ... committed herself to the promotion of women's rights .她立志為女權奮鬥 She failed to put her life back together...

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