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  1. - Kelly won first place because of her hard work. 也可改為:- Kelly won first place due to her hard work.- Kelly won first place as a result of her hard work.

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  2. 日文翻訳 不知道是不是正確ㄉ

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  3. ... hanging, not hanging a participle; of delicious fruits---------prep+n phrase----o---not adj phr...delicious fruits are producing fruitful results illustrating our fruitful meeting...

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  4. ... been tested the same academic experience on result   which can greatly share English on how to prepare and...:-Read the story aloud(eg Wizard of Oz.)Study an English subject esp at...

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  5. ...檢查後...沒有上節的"EO殘餘物" 然後回看第一部份當中是拆為 the results --- from previous biological studies of predicate devices --- can be applied to the subject device 應該是指上文...

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  6. ...;strike while the iron is hot to get prompt result ., holding press-conference in HQ as a whole. (4)God, the Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the writing scene,very influential in the writing...

  7. (the) previous quarter(s): 前(幾)幾季 the most previous quarter: 最近一季 most 翻成「最」 如果是我來寫這句英文,我會用”last quarter"來取代”the most previous quarter”。

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  8. Q1: (B) nor Q2: (D) results in 導致 Q3: (A) it Q4: (C) therefore Q5: (B) imports

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  9. ...39;s message within which you had made appointment of shipment on May first with David to provide... 10th three containers for ST; as the result , I shall adjust the P.I. and their...

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  10. ... her from being disturbed".------adv cl of condition, reason, result , purpose Or:-eg:-SubN+Vt +N + to infinitive as Obj...

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