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  1. ...stroke, usually the crawl自由泳(通常指爬泳) 2 type of wrestling with few restrictions on the holds permitted (摔角)自由式

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  2. ... of Payment:AGT/CHQ 付款方式 Endorsement/ Restriction : 機票使用限制 Fare Calculation: 費用

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  3. go to Australia to work, but I have more than working age restrictions .Yes, you still have to learn Chinese? Have the opportunity to...

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  4. A1: Ground restriction A3: Factory has not installed yet, but will estimate actual condition to install or not.

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  5. The transaction via internet has no location restriction , once get the access to the internet, no matter in or out of the country, one can still browse the web and do the shopping. 希望能幫到你 ~

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年04月10日

  6. obtrude or force (e. g. oneself) upon another or others 強加在 所以 中文 也可以說 政府加強減少對消費劵的使用限制 (可是這樣又不順耳) 所以只好...

  7. .... 3. Considering the above points, please remove my restrictions to place ads in your auctioning site.

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  8. ... should not the matter which is nerve-racking for these place restrictions on oneself. 別忘記我們曾經一起度過這些日子。 Do not forget we once...

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  9. 放你的演員進入 „隨時待命“ 模式和進入一個下列各項命令如必要的話: 遙控命令功能 [0] [返回] 預設預設地區法規準時地演員 [1] [返回] 地區1 [2] [返回] 地區2 [3] [返回] 地區3 [4] [返回] 地區4 [5] [返回] 地區5 [6] [返回] 地區6 [P. 模式] [返回] 僅僅玩DVDs和精選的...

  10. If the restriction on short-selling restriction is to be lifted while squaring...and spot prices? 參考好了... 2006-10-13 19:18:40 補充: 應該是if the restriction on short-selling is to be lifted ..... ,打多了一個 restriction

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