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  1. Dear, How about these examples? " Allow me to submit a bold request ..." " Allow me to make a bold request ..." " Excuse my bold request , please..."

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  2. 無法顯示(或執行)要求的動作~ 也就是說,你對電腦下了一個它無法執行的指令~

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年10月25日

  3. 以下是 翻譯 ,參考一下喔! 圖片參考:

  4. 1.The owner will consider pets upon request . 提出要求時,房東會考慮接受寵物。 the owner 是指 「房東」。 consider ...

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  5. 二者在中文上的 翻譯 很接近, 但 request 是物質上的, 是實質上的, demand 是抽象的, 非具體東西的... money and more days off are their request .ex3.  They requested financial support...

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  6. 你的請求已自動的被否定了!    最後一個字是 denied ?                     原型是 deny

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  7. Company management recommeds and requests approval to excute an interim month to month lease for up to 50% of the third floor...

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  8. ...and delivery charges is necessary. However, if the sample quantity requested by the buyer is too large or the delivery charges are too expensive...

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  9. Requests the pleasure of your company at the marriage of -------------------(這邊要填新人...

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  10. Sorry, Bad Request . Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. ...

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