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  1. 你的例子用現在完成式就可。 因為 reply 通常不會用 problem 當受詞,我們用 replied to...做時間的標準,所以這裡要用現在完成式: I have replied to a problem...... 什麼時候用過去完成式呢? 如果你講...

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  2. In reply to your question, as to whether you can be able to be accepted found to be depends upon your opportunity. As to how many days you have to wait the relative notice, I deem it possibly take some days.

  3. Please reply me by 11/1 翻譯:請在 11/1 之前回覆 by在此用法(by+時間):不遲於;在...之前 ex:We had to get there by evening.(我們必須在夜晚前抵達那裡。) ...XD

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  4. Please reply to me ASAP. If you haven t reply to me within three days, I will report to EBAY!

  5. 原本的句子:We hope you can satisfy with our reply . 改過的句子:This is our reply . We hope you are...

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  6. In reply to your question, I wold rather hardly prefer you to make DM so as distribute it with the news papers. I deem it is just a short way you can try.

  7. 如果很多人回覆留言的話 只會顯示幾個人的留言而已 (你是說twitter右邊的介面吧) 致於他左邊的timeline只會顯示他版主的tweets 跟follow沒有關係 如果你有在你的timeline看到回覆給他的tweet就代表你成功回覆了

  8. Replied Fern, still hanging on to the ax. `This is the most terrible...

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  9. 顯示 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128 Reply ...

  10. 關於 reply 跟RT(Retweet)請參考我之前的回應 #這個是標籤或是話題,方便快速尋找某一個類型的推特。 比方說發照片,可能就會在後面加上 #photo 之類。