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  1. :That is the name of this house," replied the Jew. If n=b, m=b,  then "I'm not certain you can" said Barney, who is the attendant sprite(=fairy), but I'll inquire.'

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  2. ...-prisonner), ---We have to inform you that we have received no reply to a statement of our account sent to you on July 2nd. ---...

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  3. Will 在這裡是<名詞> 是"意志力"的意思.Compounded是<形容詞>有"(被)重複施加"的意思."Will compounded"在這裡的意思是"專心再專心又專心"的意思. 所以"... broth will compounded ..."就是 "精心烹製...

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