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  1. ... up for the general course. I am looking forward for you reply. 這樣應該OK

  2. bring my own bedding (pillow, blanket, bed sheet, etc.)?Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated!(我按照英文信慣例,幫你多加了一段感謝話...

  3. ...information in Chinese, please leave your email and I will reply you.

  4. ... would like to know where your company is located, could you reply to my e-mail: I would really appreciate your...

  5. ...依原校成績單上所列GPA還是依欲申請學校所列GPA計算方式為準? Reply: 坦白講, 我並不熟悉. 我看大陸很多人申請學校也遇到這個題目, 他們的...

  6. ...hey, it's connie. u sended me the mail but ur system did'nt accept the reply.. I am studying in De Anza now. and De...

  7. ...campus with a affordable price. I'll be looking forward to your reply, Thank you very much! 這樣就行了 簡單明瞭

  8. ...please forgive me, if there are other necessary assistance matters, you reply, thank you! 2010-06-23 11:14:47 補充: 希望對妳有幫助!! : )

  9. ...if you have any question about SAT ,sent message to me and i will reply you

  10. ...other information you think would be helpful. Thank you and waite for your reply. Sincerely, ______ (你的名字)