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  1. Please reply , when the accessories box will be delivery in Taiwan? TKS.

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  2. Thank you for the two replies . Thank you for replying me twice. Thank you for your two replies . 很多種說法

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  3. Thanks for your reply , I guess I'll study MBA after I pass the civil service...

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  4. 以上這段話花了我20分鐘 It took me 20 minutes to finish this (sentence/paragraph)妳可以用中文回我沒關係 It s all right that you can reply (to me) in Chinese

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  5. 1.Appreciate your reply , concerning color part I have already done a modification...hand over a period, if without the problem please soon have goods, and reply to hand over a period and thank! 祝 心想事成

  6. ... first for testing questions. Please reply this letter directly. 我對其他人的 翻譯 只有一點很確定有錯, 那就是不能用Can ,Could. 這兩個字在英文...

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  7. Day replies for one day ,themore on each aspect ,I will improve more and more 2009-08-20 22...the more ←分開 ㄏㄏ 快選我吧~~ 2009-08-20 22:15:50 補充: Day replies for one day 改 Day after one day ,the more on each aspect ,I will improve...

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  8. Sorry for late reply . I felt happy to meet you too and thanks for your present...

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  9. ...recipient box is still the e-mail address from previous e-mail if I choose to reply e-mail directly. In order to e-mail you correctly, should I re-select the...

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  10. ...qualunque momento) se avesse bisogno di assistenza. 3.We would appreciate your early reply . Rimaniamo in attesa di una Sua (Vs) risposta (da farci pervenire...

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