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  1. .... Therefore, please the expensive department once more verify and replies .

  2. ... time. We are looking forward to your prompt reply and more opportunities to work with you in the future. Yours faithfully...

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  3. 為直接付款提供您的資訊: 帳目名, 帳號, 銀行名稱, 銀行地址, 銀行代碼: 沿著您的response..while 您並且提供我發貨through(DHL/UPS 的費用2-3Days) 並且我要您回復我用英語, 不忘記寄發我您真正的電子郵件並且您能並且回復我回到

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  4. ... know if you have any comment. By the way, by seeing your reply , you should be an accountant, right? So do I. Anyway, thanks...

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  5. ...the questioner Samson being so touching~ But the other reply by House is in full details. Also, his ...

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  6. ...assign or reassign work colleagues help? Thank you for your reply !

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  7. May from the I.T. Department replies that a USB with password is around 300 to 400 dollars, which...

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  8. .... I am looking forward to receiving your reply .

  9. ... act as REBOOKING , CHARGE hkd1500 once, So please reply as soon as possible )

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  10. I am sorry that I reply the date of shipment late, it is because it separated for a few ...

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