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  1. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

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  2. tell the experience occurred starting in the past. 翻譯 : 1.Most people do not listen with the intent to understand: they listen with the intent to reply . 大多數人是為了回應才聆聽,並沒有意圖去理解。 2. Someone...

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  3. как вы, здравствулте! вы, goodbye, я ждите ваш ответ

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  4. you lost?” Mr. Bean thought several seconds and replied , “It 你好,先生,是您丟失的橙?」 先生。 豆認為幾秒鐘并且回復...

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  5. 翻譯 英文電郵問句 請問這張發票只有飛機費,沒有其他雜款費用嗎?? 請盡快回覆! This invoice is only billed for air freight. Are there any other surcharges and/or miscellaneous fees? Please reply ASAP.Thanks. (ASAP=as soon as possible)

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  6. 客氣而有禮貌可以這樣說: 어색하지만 선물을 보내주고 싶어요. 거주지를 좀 알려주세요?

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  7. ... again. Sorry for the inconvenience! My first time of replying um i m not sure if i m replying right, hope it can help you la =]

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  8. ...suggest a date for so? Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply . Kind regards, xxx

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  9. 諺語 1.事實勝於雄辯 Actions speak louder than words. 2.勿以貌取人 Beauty is but skin deep. 3.物以類聚 Birds of a feather flock together. 4.大丈夫能屈能伸 Better bend than break. 5.知足常樂 A contented mind is a perpetual feast...

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  10. 不好意思,請恕我多事 你這封信是在yahoo拍賣的人寄給你的嗎? 我有朋友仲了這個nigeria招 那個人是騙你的 詳請看: 這是我找到的資料: 請在座每一位都要好小心!!!! 近日發現多宗有關YAHOO 拍賣網騙案,於是本人有意提醒...

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