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  1. 1,mechanically inclined是偏向機械方面 ,亦即專精机械方面,其中 inclined是向-----傾斜。 2,例如國內政治有個人偏好傾向藍或綠,我們亦可用politically inclined

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  2. ...保固,而且收費平價 你可以上網找他們公司來問問看 平價地坪工程公司 http://www. repair 評價 ★★★★★ 不需再一通又一通的問,挨家挨戶的比價,免費提供...

  3. ... is a DIY expert and he fixes anything that needs repairing in a matter of seconds.’

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  4. was malfunctioning and had to send it to the original repair , I really feel very sad; probably because I no longer treat it as...

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  5. ...地坪工程的品質服務都很讚 希望我的經驗幫助到你 平價地坪工程公司 http://www. repair 評價 ★★★★★ 每家廠商都講自己多好多專業,但是做生意誰會說...

  6. ...find time to work part time. May it be the cashier in a convenience store, computer repair staff, document key-in typist, etc. I used my jobs to accumulate...

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  7. ...(the one month deposit) while rest of the deposit will be used as repair fees(for house-cleaning and wall-painting).

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  8. Instead of returning the defective item, I like to propose a $20,000 partial refund to allow me to have the hand bag repaired . This will save you some shipping cost. Your prompt response will be appreciated.

  9. 假如必需要如此"官樣文章" For unknown reasons, the account cannot be login. The account is damaged beyond repair . 這是以第三者回覆

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