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  1. calm down chill out, control oneself, cool down, cool it, cool off, get hold of oneself, go easy, keep cool, regain one's composure, restrain oneself, simmer down, take it easy

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  2. 給您參考: 失去並不意味著失敗,失去後還可以重新擁有。 Loss does not mean failure, as what is lost can be regained . 這才是成功者應具備的心態。 This is the attitude required of the successful.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年01月25日

  3. ...when I just fainted until sitted on my chair still can't regain my consciousness. But I heard from my friend,...

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  4. ... enabled thousands of individuals to regain self-respect. 2010-10-18 01:37:36 補充: 1.He was a young man who...

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  5. ...改成"很難重新獲得" But peace and harmony is difficult to regain after having been broken.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年03月11日

  6. ... destroy, and blue represents reconstruction. Hope the earth can regain its original beauty by people’s hands.

  7. ...and a girl approach, walking...Girl is hit by a bus. She regains consciousness.PORTMAN: Hello, Stranger.They re in the...

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  8. I couldn’t attend class (Date: 20xx/x/x ,20xx/x/x 2) due to work. If possible, pleases let me regain my qualification to attend the examination.

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  9. ...) in her life. She has made many people regain their vitality before the moment of desperation. She has ...

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