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  1. [Meteorology] divergence [Physics] irradiation; gamma radiation ; radiation to radiate; to eradiate 其實這奇摩字典有 提供給你網址

  2. ...pregnant the initial period for 3 months, avoids accepting the radiation dose as far as possible Because is pregnant the first 3 ...

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  3. ... status quite cannot injury the body 3. whether to worry the handset radiation can affect the health 4. the research demonstration handset radiation can affect person's...

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  4. ...13億年。 合謂半衰期 請參閱以下網站 radiation /chi/r5.htm?menu= radiation & radiation _2

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  5. ...大部分是: 溫度, 溼度, 風向, 紫外線, 氣壓; 我記得我以前教的還包括 short wave radiation 和 long wave radiation .

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  6. ... a different, this discovery is called "Hawking radiation ." Hawking together with the Pan Luosi Sir...

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  7. ...補充: 合謂半衰期 請參閱以下網站 radiation /chi/r5.htm?menu= radiation & radiation _2 參考資料

  8. Combining segment generation with direct step-and-shoot optimization in intensity-modulated radiation therapy. 上面這段話的意思是: 結合段世代與直接步和射擊優化在強度被調整的放射治療。

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  9. ...什麼是輻射 一、非游離輻射的定義及其對人體健康之影響: (一) 輻射( radiation )是一種能量傳遞的方式,稱為輻射能, 其電磁波譜(Electromagnetic...

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  10. ... BECAUSE OF THE SUN S POWERFUL RADIATION . 事實上,因為有太陽強烈的熱輻射,比起為太空船加溫,幫太空船處理空調問題...

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