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  1. ... Park is located inside the race course in___Shatin __ (6個英文字) 2.位於九龍 前身... Park is located inside the race course in__ Sha tin __ (6個英文字)

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  2. ...really don't understand. I think it should be 'banned from entry to race course ' if I interpret the sentence correctly.

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  3. a market for tourists a race course an outlying island for sea food the biggest hosipital on hk island a place with...

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  4. ... is the BMX racing , it always appear in the dirt racing course . P.S.: There has some BMX fever like to collect...

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  5. ...跑馬地馬場的ABC欄分別,可瀏覽下列網頁: racing _ course .htm 跑A、B、C欄的賽道,主要分別是跑道的闊度和直路的...

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  6. ... diversity in this area? It is a concave place where is only race course and sport field and its height is about 200 metres above sealevel...

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  7. ... race . Do have some water too at water stops stationed along the race course . 我地隻合地點如下: Gathering points:

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  8. ...contest enter (for): 報名參加。e.g. enter (for) a competition / enter (for) a race / enter (for) an exam enrol in: 入學/入會/登記。e.g. enrol in a course / enrol in a school sit (for): 參加考試。e.g. sit (for) an exam...

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  9. ... $7.1 $9.2 詳細資料 Detail 872 沙田馬場 SHATIN RACE COURSE B/T 大埔中心 TAI PO CENTRAL - $15.4 詳細...


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