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  1. 1、Best quotation 他的意思是,請你報給他最好、最優惠的價格,要你報價就對了。 2、...

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  2. ... to our catalog, if you have any question or need our quotation / samples , please do not hesitate to contact us. In the attachment, you can see ...

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  3. ... assist to confirm whether it could be alright. Besides, please offer the quotations and samples of A and B, for there were rising in prices last...

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  4. ... kindly provide your detail company information. We will send you quotation , sample and catalogue upon receipt of your company information.

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  5. cotation 是 quotation 之筆誤(估價的意思) 正確的文句是:We are sending you 3 more seal samples for quotation .我們正寄出另外3個密封的樣品,請你估價。 2006-06-08 10:25:58 補充: Trust me.

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  6. ...我們是依照你們所寄來的樣品下去報價的,並不是我們公司的產品。 Our quotation is referring the sample that you provided this is not our product. 2.如果確認報價單...

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  7. ... been also a long while since your last order, if you need any quotation or sample from us, feel free to let me know; and we will be more than happy to make...

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  8. ..., Thailand, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia. Quotation and samples for testing can be provided promptly upon the receipt of O....

  9. ...the interesting products of your company, we will offer relevant quotation and sample for and comment at once

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  10. ...attachment sample ) for our reference . 並提供所有樣品的報價。 Offer the quotation of all samples .

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