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  1. 1.依實際維修數量按月扣款 We will deduct payment according to your repaired quantity per month. Repair 或 maintain 都是維修. 2.其餘各項維修費用依實際議價後計費 extra-repaired charge will be according to our negotiated price.

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  2. Dealt with the quotations requested by customers Confirmed the shipment date Assigned the job duties for others >>因為您說得不是很明確, 希望對您有幫助

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  3. The average price of xxx in the quotation is according to the average price of the last month. The maximum supply of this month is 160 tons.

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  4. ...iso9001, 9002, 14001, tf14949. 從業人員:英文,電腦,知識,常識。 必備文件: quotation , proforma invoice, invoice , packing list, bill of lading

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  5. ...the interesting products of your company, we will offer relevant quotation and sample for and comment at once

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  6. ... 金屬眼鏡 eyeglasses for metal frame series 轉印 heater transfer 報價 quotation , unit price, price list, (discount price, competitive price) 塑膠眼鏡 eyeglasses for...

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  7. ...would like an estimate/quote from your company. Thanks. estimate 和 quote, quotation 都是報價,估價

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  8. Free ---->是說我們對他 所以是我们要負責 carrige including packing ---->運送加包裝 整體意思就是我們要負責運送及包裝^^

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  9. 1.請提供目錄及報價單以供評估 Please provide catalogue and quotation for evaluation. 2.請報最好的船上交貨價錢和交期 Please offer ...

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  10. ...實力 那你趕快去醫院當志工吧 "說不定"能幫你加分 focus on my quotation

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