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  1. ... and validated an instrument to measure user perceived service quality of such portals. Based upon conceptual models in the areas...

  2. 書名打錯了,應為Delivering Quality Service: Balancing Customer Perceptions and Expectations,沒有中譯本

  3. ...查得以下這些文章,提供您參考囉! 1. Total Quality Management Now Applies to...)Preview / Total Quality Management and Jit Production...

  4. ...漢朝、统一天可汗」的意義. 3.明基電通:BenQ (Bring enjoyment and Quality to life)-傳達資訊生活的真善美.

  5. ... and good reputation is of the core value. 6.品質是最好的推銷員 Quality is the best seller.

  6. ... are prepared for you because we hope you can get a quality and wonderfull live. When you study, there is also a pencil can be ...

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  9. quality =80 如有需求煩請自行注意搜尋網路書店

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