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  1. ...文後理,只能按句式標點內容嘗試理解作譯: 先要拆句: A big guy.... puts his hand up .這是第一句的主要內容,中間, ,之間只是作者用作"形容這big guy的附加描寫...

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  2. 「放鬆休息」 Put up your feet 就是把腳翹起來,或搭在桌椅、沙發上。

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  3. Please reach up there and put this on the shelf.

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  4. ...應查閱英文字典。 句子2. pop on 有兩個意思 1 to quickly put on a piece of clothing 立即穿(戴)上 Here... should pop on our headphones, (crank up the sound.) 當說話者的對象如果是網路大眾,不明確的群體...

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  5. ... a bump on her orbit. “why did you put this orbit bump on my excursion?” to Apollo, she....” Apollo replied after looking up his note pad. “K, just send him to a hospital...

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  6. ...叫負重。可惜,大多數人的愛情,都是負重的。 6.If you can hold something up and put it down, it is calledweight-lifting; if you can hold something up but can...

  7. ... and performance to smarten yourself up for your "socks up effort" in your work in admired fashion. Hence put a pair of socks often in your shopping stroller. You can...

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  8. ...have sponsored her to become a star. ≡ The questions put up by Kelly have sponsored her to become a star...

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  9. In the window typically implies "inside of the window" while "on the window" suggests the attachment to the glass surfaces of a window.

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  10. I put up a "Help Wanted" sign in my window. 我把一個[徵才...quot;" 係什麼樣式的而定"in"或"on"吧。 # 某辭典例句:to put sth. in the window (把某物放到櫥窗裡)。

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