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  1. ...leisure time ,I usually enjoy watching the Pili Chinese puppet show . When l see the puppets in the frame, I can learn from ...

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  2. 你好, 我想布袋戲研習社英文全名應該是Taiwanese Puppet Show Study Club

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  3. ...have tail bear, not the baby Welcome to Australia The puppet show is my younger brother's to like most That beautiful...

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  4. ... in writing poetry, watching baseball, watching puppet shows . Chong Shang Bieguo we are in culture, and ...

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  5. 『我平常最喜歡看霹靂布袋戲。』--->I usually most enjoy watching the Pili Chinese puppet show in my leisure time.please refer to 圖片參考:

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年09月18日

  6. 這好像有點深奧耶...我只知道布袋戲的英文叫做" PUPPET SHOW "...霹靂的就是"PILI"...其他就沒在研究哩

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  7. know what I'm saying? They have been to the puppet show and they have seen the strings. You love her?

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  8. ...下列網站有介紹布袋戲, 你先去看看有沒有適合的資料 puppet _ show .htm

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  9. ..., anime, manga or movies. By the strictest definition, puppet shows are actually considered a kind of cosplay too. When I...

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  10. ... on September 7 with traditional Chinese operas, puppet shows and concerts by believers to appease the roaming spirits...

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