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  1. ..., A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year of publication ). Title of chapter. In A. A. Editor & ...

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  2. Horizon Publications = 地平線出版品 Horizon為一家出版社的名稱 Publication 為出版, +s為出版品

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  3. The application of copyright is on wording only, and therefore (is) automatic on publication .

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  4. Publications by (C) upcoming young writers are usually thin on the ground...

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  5. ... Is and Why All Kids Need It Publication :The Nemours Foundation Date of Publication ...

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  6. ... approach is to scour current issues of independent financial publications .

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  7. conferece proceedin拼字有誤,應為conference proceeding「會議程序」 trade publication 應可解釋為「商業刊物」

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  8. ...興趣. If you have progressed far enough in your career to have publications or other evidence of scholarly endeavor, please describe these. 若你有論文出版或其他專業...

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  9. ...'s research has shown a decrease in acceptance of online publication of virus source code. 儘管公開地開放電腦病毒仍廣泛地合法,但Gordon...

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  10. ...政府機關舉辦的會員(就是問你是不是具有哪些學術相關學會或團體的會員資格) 3. Publications (Full Title, Place, Year and Page ...

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