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  1. ...已故 轉從132村三號,Samoengnue的子區,Samoeng區, 清邁 Province .on15日2008年12月。 由於RER死亡cerificate第02期-40154451日期6月26日

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  2. ...鄉、鎮 Township 市 City 縣 County 省 Province 2007-11-05 10:13:18 補充: 中華郵政還有提供下面的資訊: 中文 譯音使用原則:

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  3. ... to which iodination (on) in which it looks for daughter in addition 中文 歌詞..暫時找不到SORRY

  4. ... as an ethnicity blend greatly.There is aborigine, from another province , Hakkanese and South Fukien person.So usually can absorb...

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  5. ... Co. in eastern China’s Shandong province . 蕭珠亮說 他現在忙得不可開交想辦法從歐洲 日本及南韓找訂單來維持 位於...

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  6. ... and filled in and received the Governor of large province , George, police commissioner of Paris in three generationsBaron...

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  7. ...already paid an all-powerful remote control, can turn life fast, let his province drop much time. But finally get of Be just work to promote, and lost natural...

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  8. ... this, opposed that the reason might very many have the comparison province resources, the protection environment? Covers the Yangtze...

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  9. 2nd Floor., No.38, Fenghe Li , Taicheng Town, Taishan City, Guangdong Province , China.

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  10. ... 帶來一次全心深沉的省思..... Brings a time of entire heart deep province to think...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 不知道這樣子的...

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