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  1. Galvanizing is a kind of sacrificial protection that particularly use Zinc metal, while sacrificial protection is broad term, i.e using tin coating, etc.

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  2. Protection means: The act of preventing somebody or something from ...

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  3. 如果你的電腦是安裝了emule一類的軟件,symantec endpoint protection 就會發出p2p emule kademlia request這個alert, 因為在使用emule分享及下載檔案時有可能...

  4. Rajya Sabha clears wildlife protection bill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asian Age...

  5. princess protection program係唔會係戲院到上映架~ 因為美國都冇上映,淨係係收費電視上面播. 如果要睇既話就要買dvd啦.

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  6. It is because it is easier to break a protection than to build a protection .

  7. ... building - drom design to its usage, install environment protection elements, such as using more sunlight and use less electricity, no glass...

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  8. 不用擔心, 請首先檢查電源有沒有問題, 不過應不是電源問題. 最大可能是喇叭線發生短路, 喇叭線的紅色和黑色的重疊, 請檢查所有的喇叭線及端子, 試試吧, 應該ok的.

  9. Less wastage and air pollution More environment protection Recycling, Reuse, Reduction and Regeneration All we need is to promote environment protection

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