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  1. allow your marketing/sales program to focus on the subset of prospects that are "most likely" to purchase your offering.

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  2. pan就是盼ㄉ羅馬拼音 這是你要的嗎?? 還是你要問的是英文 那麼接近盼ㄉp開頭英文有prospect,pine for

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  3. ...][(+of)],欣賞,品味 喜愛,愛好[+v-ing] We did not relish the prospect of staying after school. (舉止,講話等)優雅,修養 His manner ...

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  4. Competitive bidding Grow and deal with the centre freshly Future prospect Qualitative control Type of operation Rival The sentence " ...

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  5. ...可行的 They were much more realistic about its long term commercial prospects. 他們對它的長遠商業前景更為現實。 2.逼真的 3.現實主義(派)的,寫實(派 ...

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  6. ...the curriculum of your course is very diverse and interesting, the prospect of boarding an aeroplane much appeals to me since I&rsquo...

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  7. ... (which will make me to have more) capacity (and effort for)(a good prospect)..

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  8. ...both. 艾咪和菲爾兩個我們都喜歡。 conj. 1. 既...且...;...和...都 The prospects both excited and worried me. 這前景既使我激動又令我憂慮...

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  9. 潛在客戶 單詞: prospect(s) 二字: potential customer/client/buyer(s) 顧客服務(客服) customer service (簡稱CS) call center

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  10. ...difficult as you imagine B. As in (= When a scientist is in) prospecting for gold, a scientist may dig with skill, courage, energy, and intelligence ...

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