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  1. auspicious; propitious 這兩種都是吉利的英文單字 如果是我 我會選擇片面上的英文單字 因為諧音不見得每個人都會念

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  2. 1. Propitious , the country is prosperous and the people live in peace 2.Traffic fortress 3.Rising tide 4.The seven stars treasure

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年09月08日

  3. ...之分析解說,來發揚傳統吉祥圖案的「傳統文化」與「精神價值」。 The propitious design is has glorious historical the artistic performance, and rich unique national...

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  4. ... 7.その手をつないで 8.Believe 9.Water Drops 10. Propitious 11. Propitious Omens 12.Spring Garden 13....

  5. ... spring breeze 富貴吉祥 The riches and honor are propitious 幽蘭清香 幽blue delicate fragrance 花開富貴 The flower opens...

  6. YouTube - 五色線平結簡易DIY基礎作法Traditional Handemade Propitious knot

  7. Did not say not the propitious speech ↑看看吧!

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  8. ... prosperous and the people live in peace 祝福風調雨順世界和平 Bless the propitious world peace

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  9. 五色線在一般手工藝品店都有在賣 這個網站有很多慢慢看吧YouTube - 五色線平結簡易DIY基礎作法Traditional Handemade Propitious knot

  10. ... the god beast, can bless the people grain abundant harvest therefore also is the propitious representative year after year. 是要翻 麒麟 還是整句ㄚ????? 不行要跟我說ㄛ...

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