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  1. 道具組 Stage prop 公關組 PR (Public relation)燈光音效組 Stage lighting...

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  2. ...amp;fl=1&vl=lang_zh-CN&meta=vl%3Dlang_zh-CN&_adv_ prop =web&

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  3. 題目:我知道我們會很辛苦,但我想告訴你,我不會離開你,因為我想當你的精神支柱。 翻譯: I know we will be very arduous, but I think of and tell you, I will not leave you, because I think in your spiritual prop .

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  4. Don't be propping up your chin with your hand. ......? 好像沒有固定講法,基本上在歐美國家的教室裏應該聼不到這種訓斥。 圖片參考:

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  5. ...not good. 2. This is the game draws moves the stage prop . 3. Where are you from? 4.This is strengthens...

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  6. ...2009-08-26 22:52:54 補充: prop =image&fr=yfp&va=%E7%BE%8E%E5%9C...

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  7. 就發音,應該是여 查「予」字是여 「妤」查不到~ prop =&opt=term&p=%E5%F8&fr=

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  8. ...破滅 Tou(you??) look contorted on yourself your ridiculous prop 你自己好像被你那可笑的支柱給扭曲了 You forgot what you...

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  9. ...signboard, awnings, flag, banner ,printing large poster, conference hall, stage props 24小時預約服務 24hr service , call for the appointment

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  10. ...衝擊下,我的人生充滿狡詐詭計 And it all moves fast 轉眼即過 Props to the prop 50, we all stand strong 但我們仍挺過來了 And respect to ...

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