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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply . I have made a contact with DHL here in Taiwan, and...

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  2. ... the commercial invoice and packing list, and we look forward to your prompt reply . 整句翻譯文 The temporary custom clearance document has ...

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  3. ...other information is/are needed? Thank you for your prompt reply . Sincerely yours, XXX **祝閣下新婚愉快 白頭偕老**

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  4. ...發表工作程序之前重做P/N型半導體,請見諒。 Look for yr prompt reply . 希望您盡速回應。 我是新手練習,翻譯完發現這裡有好多沒碰過的專業的...

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  5. ...offer your quotation with the said request before 2007/8/08. Your prompt reply us will be highly appreciated. 中文 由於擁有人和我們工程經理指示,你和善建議那 你的上次摘引" 有效...

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  6. ...confirm with me for the check-in / check-out time? Thank you for your prompt reply . Sincerely yours, XXX

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  7. ...up the goods? We look forward to receiving your prompt reply to meet your required delivery schedule. Thanks & ...

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  8. ...familiar in Italian and can't fill out the form exactly. Your prompt reply will be appreciate and thanks for your attention.

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  9. ...because we despatch your orders in 7/8 days and you always have a prompt reply to every request you have. 因為我們收到訂單後的7/8天就會寄出, 所以你永遠都會...

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  10. Did you fine an idea of easier conditioning ?的意思是= 「你發現了一個更容易調節的想法?」

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