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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply . However, l still have another order, invoice no.: xxxxxxxx . l made this...

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  2. Reply : Thank for your prompt reply . I would opt for the Store Credit for this transaction. However, please let me know the expiration policy of your store credit. Thanks, Ms. Princess

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  3. 「請您儘快回覆。」 (前文應該提到某人,要翻譯最好別切掉句子,最好連前後文,以免誤解)... 這位某人會樂於提供您任何所需資訊。

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  4. 公司統一付款日是國內很多企業的習慣作法,但外國沒這套,承諾幾天就是幾天,公司的規定早就有這了,在付款條件同意之前就應考量到這一點。現在國外廠商不配合並無過失,我方又非得等到1/10才能匯付,也只好委婉說明請求諒解,並自行承擔延遲的後果了。 建議致函如下...

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  5. ...? If so, I will need to cancel one of those. Your prompt reply will be appreciated. Sincerely, (你的署名)

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  6. ...非常感謝您的回覆與協助! I thank you in advance for your assistance and prompt reply , Sincerely Yours, Princess Prisoner, ...

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  7. ...if there are any side effects when we use it frequently. Your prompt reply is appreciated it and thank you for taking time reading...

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  8. ... Sir, Re: PO# xxxxx Thanks for your prompt reply . I have provided online another credit card for settlement. In case...

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  9. ...the payment so that we can check the accounts, thank you very much. Your prompt reply would be appreciated. Sincerely yours,

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