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  1. ...亦是重複。 prompt 這個字只會用於回應你/人的行為/行動。例如:I will promptly reply your inquiry.「我會好快地回覆你的查詢。」,I expect your...

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  2. favorable reply 點解? 適當的答覆 1.We look forward to your prompt and favorable reply . 我們希望你能儘快給予適當的答覆。 which 同 concern over點解?前者是連續和代表...

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  3. Thank you for your prompt reply . We are very interested in your ABC brand ...

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  4. 不用回謝,你只要盡早回答他/她們的問題便可以了,因那句是他/她們感激(欣賞)你的盡早回答.

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  5. 蘿蔔糕 返回目錄 >> 圖片參考:   製作者: 奶奶、 阿貓 材料(四底鍚紙盆份量) 白蘿蔔( 去 皮 , 刨 絲) 5 斤 圖片參考:

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  6. ...quot; 3. click on the word message (should be blue and underlined) and it will prompt you to select a file to be replied (the file could be pre-saved as .txt file or .eml file). Select ...

  7. Please kindly advise the earliest arrival date of the fabric garden scroll concerned. Your prompt reply will be a great help to us and greatly be appreciated..

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  8. Kindly check and advise the soonest ready date of the leather ,looking foward for your prompt reply ,thank you.

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  9. ... to attend the site meeting to explain the case. You prompt reply is requested. Should you have any queries, please do...

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  10. ..., I would immediately handle the tender proceeding and you will get a prompt reply very soon. Because of the complicated process of the sold...

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