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  1. ... Sir, Re: PO# xxxxx Thanks for your prompt reply . I have provided online another credit card for settlement. In case...

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  2. ...s urgent for us to get the PI for our production. Your prompt reply today will be highly appreciated. Have a good day! Best...

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  3. ... we can do first? Please kindly advise and your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Best regards, XXX

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  4. ...up the goods? We look forward to receiving your prompt reply to meet your required delivery schedule. Thanks & ...

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  5. ...kindly quote the best price and send us a set of sample. Your prompt reply will be highly appericated. Best regards, XXX 2006-04-01 10...

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  6. ...client for reviewing in advance. Thank you again for your prompt reply and provide me the relative product information. Have a nice day~

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  7. ...requirement. Would you be kindly enough to order them altogether. Your prompt reply will be appreciated. 2008-03-03 10:58:19 補充: final transaction 應改為...

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  8. ...other information is/are needed? Thank you for your prompt reply . Sincerely yours, XXX **祝閣下新婚愉快 白頭偕老**

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  9. ...confirm with me for the check-in / check-out time? Thank you for your prompt reply . Sincerely yours, XXX

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  10. ... to see the president of the company. b. The e-mail demanded a prompt reply . 2007-09-21 14:31:42 補充: 在 2. b. Mom wants me get home...

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