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  1. ...inflammatory response to a foreign substance.中文名稱及大略功用請參考-中文wiki:白血球 progenitor cell是由stem cell次分化而來,可再分化成各類細胞。中文及大略功用請參考...

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  2. ...quot;前體",後者比前者活躍、成熟;或者,這是一種未被分解的物質。 Progenitor Thing that originates something or serves as a model. 也...

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  3. The suspicion does not appear improbable 主要子句 that the progenitors of man, either the males or females, or both sexes ...

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  4. ...2006-10-16 17:27:03 補充: Certificate of Ticket Issued- Progenitor . 機票購票證明書正本.

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  5. These applications are all set. However, the bank needs the the original document, not the scanned file. Would you please send me the progenitor ?

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  6. 人的神經系統的祖先細胞在表達IGF-1 保護多巴胺神經元和恢復作用在Parkinson's 疾病鼠模型 2007-12-20 00:03:18 補充: Parkinson's =帕金森氏病

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  7. ... Optical Afterglow of GRB 011121 and Its Progenitor Supernova 2001ke, P. M. Garnavich, K. Z...

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  8. ...modem man engaged in it more readily retrogrades to his hairy progenitor . It was for this

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  9. ...2010-11-16 01:15:51 補充: 該篇文章的結果是發現內皮原生細胞(endothelial progenitor cells,EPCs)的數目增加60%,而移動能力也有顯著提升。另外紅酒...

    分類:疾病與處置 > 癌症 2010年11月16日

  10. ...穿著較多的衣服以及因為較寒冷的天氣阻礙了梅毒的傳播 Ultimately the progenitors of syphilis may be as old as humanity, hitching a ride with migrants...

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