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  1. iPod Product Red 係慈善版,正式來講,在香港只供Apple Store作網上訂購...售價比正價貴一、二百蚊。 圖片參考: red /images/productredbg20070905.png

  2. Silver Blue Red Green Purple Controls iPod shuffle pays... indicator Green means go, amber means you’re low and red means you’ve almost hit zero. But with up to 12 hours of battery...

  3. Product Red is the specail version! It's very good. But you need to...) If I were you, I would choose green or silver or red .

  4. You can buy online.

  5. Product Red iPod Nano因為係特別慈善版,所以唔係周街有得賣。 On...

  6. red  earth....hk摺....摺.....曬 如果真係一定要搵番佢既remover就要番大陸買, 其實loreal同埋missha既 eye remover都幾好用,價錢同 red earth差唔多, 可以一試

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  7. product - red .jpg 圖片參考:

  8. 你可以到台灣網站便可看到中文的功能說明。 價格基本應是一樣的。4GB買$1150,8GB買$1550。有差別也祇是很少數。 Product ( Red )祇有8GB版本,買$1550. 可以到網上買

  9. 你好。 "水之道" 既產品唔錯架, 我以前都係用佢, 水份好重又清爽, 塗上之後都唔覺得好 "heavy" (依你形容, 應該係屬於混合乾性形皮膚)。 我而家就跟同事一齊轉用 Clinique Moist Surge 既系列產品, 都好好架, 不過價錢當然貴少少啦。 謝謝...

  10. ... HCl is acidic obviously so it turns blue litmus paper to red (dun forget you damped the litmus paper first!!!) then Cl2 will...

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  1. product red 相關