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  1. 最後一類,信息瀑布,描述了模仿將發生肯定的條件。社會互動,模仿,甚至簡單的表單 提供了一個關鍵的好處:它允許個人開發者所擁有的信息 別人的環境。當一個朋友被迅速逃離,它可能是很好的運行 甚至在看到劍齒虎追逐周圍的彎曲。從受益 模仿別人,考慮到別人的回報成果...

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  2. the plot 劇情 is not very attractive. she used the character 角色 of vampire to create many unexpected ... 作者the writer used her dream as.. but it also gives us some positive thinking.

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  3. ...mysterious eyes with arrogant and innocent unknown lurking behind,That proclivity haunts every woman’s heart so cruel which you enjoy the most, overwhelming...

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