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  1. .../03Land/wattlleFences.jpg 2.土石流防治工程 Prevention Engineering of Debris flow (不曉得這麼 翻譯 ok不ok呢?) 不 ok 吶。 土石流防治工程 Mudslide prevention works...

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  2. Prevention substance abuse

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  3. ...preventative action that would be too expensive or hazardous for general use, with the ultimate aim of prevention . 討論GDM篩檢時,重要的是不要忽視篩檢目的,需系統性選定特定疾病的...

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  4. ...16:24:50 補充: 若是給會英語的老外看 就不要字字 翻譯 網頁中就顯示許多種業務都稱為FIRE ...專長就越好了 2010-07-22 08:41:24 補充: Fire Prevention Safety Equipment Ltd 甚至於...

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  5. 事故傷害預防與處理1. Prevention of Accident harm and management2. The prevention and management of accident harm.

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  6. Prevention is better than cure.OR:An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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  7. Prevention 預防 Scientists are now looking for ways to prevent...

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  8. Harm prevention and cure laws to settle according to cigarette, this store forbids...

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  9. Initiating Structure and Prevention Focus 建立架構和以預防為中心...心態關於確保安全、避免損失、和充滿義務。 Prevention Focus and In-Role...

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  10. ...enterprise limited company 水電 Water electricity 消防 Fire prevention 空調 Air conditioning 應該是這樣吧!

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