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  1. ...:歐盟網站只說,由歐盟成員國輪流擔任。 參考原文—The Presidency of the Council(輪值主席國) is held for six months...

  2. ..., whose country holds the EU s rotating presidency , reaffirmed that he would resign if his country rejects the...

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  3. presidency 水蓮會 (yahoo家族後援會) 大家一起支持一下被欺負的台灣副總統 >

    分類:政治與政府 > 政治 2007年03月09日

  4. 用"run for + 職位"這個片語He ran for the presidency .He decided to run for a second term as a president.(競選連任)

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  5. ... 6, the composition of the electoral college will de facto determine who get the presidency .

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  6. Office of the President announced that President Chen didn t promise not to raise taxes during his last presidency campaign.

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  7. ... successfully. 7. Obama is running for the next presidency . 8. Taiwan will hold an election for five cities. 9. Hujintao...

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  8. ... looks really amazing for me, and I think this new presidency should be a promising one! Well, anyway this is just my...

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  9. ...就職儀式; 入會; 【美】徵召[U][C][(+into)]his induction into the Presidency 他的總統就職儀式首次經驗, 入門[U][(+to/into)]easy induction to the technique...

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  10. ...s inauguration when Chen Shui-bian won the Taiwanese presidency . Some political furor had dampened her career and she...

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