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  1. The preciousness of life comes from the ways we treasure and well utlize it.

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  2. ... not your youth - take full advantage of it; fulfill your youth with preciousness ; 2013-10-17 21:02:53 補充: > 在台灣很多電視節目是鼓勵少女拍。。。 是...

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  3. ...無事瞎忙;小題大作 fuss 忙亂;大驚小怪;小題大作[U][S1][(+about/over)] preciousness 過分講究,小題大作 (不好意思優,只查到這個)

  4. ...from your compassionate heart .Let your heart see your son s preciousness ,his untapped potential .What he could do,not what he has ...

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  5. After graduated from junior high school, I decided to study in Department of International Trade of junior college.( what's junior college?like 2 year ones?) During five-year study period, I learned the...

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