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  1. ... Fat Street Post Office Causeway BayHong Kong....B8.AF http://app1.hongkongpost. hk /CGI/location/postoffice_content.jsp?lang=en...

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  2. 1.Mary is in the upstairs. 2.The Christmas festival was near. 3.The post office is in the street in Washington. 4.Is his birthday in April?

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  3. 親愛的賣家 我是Grace Craig。 我將經由銀行轉帳付款港幣三萬元正。所以我需要您的以下資料以便轉帳。 戶名Name of Account Holder 帳號Account Number 銀行分行Branch 電子信箱Email Address...

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  4. ... Post Office Hong Kong/....htm Hongkong Post - Notes for Business...中國郵遞區號查詢 hk /reference/map.asp

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  5. ...)official adj. 官方的,正式的 Of or relating to an office or a post of authority: official duties. Authorized by a proper authority; authoritative...

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  6. ...and accounting 機具維修 財務 會計 Hours of working 工時 : Offices : 8 hours. 辦公區8小時 Vessels Mon-Sun 24 ...

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  7. ... governor to be forced from office since William Sulzer...and removed from his post in 1913 in a scandal over campaign ...good with a US$1,000-an-hour ( HK $7,800) prostitute, a whole line of T...

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