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  1. My father worked at the post office . He doesn't work there anymore.(我爸爸曾經在郵局工作,但他現在不在那工作了) =My father used to work at the post office .

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  2. 1,此處have不是使役動詞,而access是名詞,home access 是複合名詞,有如 post office 等,即家庭使用許可,to broadband internet. 針对寬頻網路。 2,翻譯為18%學生無家用寬頻網路可供使用

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  3. ... you very much for your assistance ! ) = (Due to a mistake from the post - office ), the parcel will soon be returned back to you. On receiving...

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  4. ...如果願意測試可以安裝試試 從下面的備用下載點下載 posts /7695-do-not-take-irrigation- office -software-and-free-you-to-use- office -starter-2010 下載後的檔案如果無法正常執行 請...

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  5. Refer to the Post Office public corporation,responsible to the Ministry of Post ,for official translation.

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  6. ... College Graduate Studies Office . The following information to be ...home page. Unofficial transcripts for all post -secondary schools attended. Payment...

  7. ...have returned to you. After checking with my local post office , they said the sent clothes is now detained...

  8. ...加入免費會員~看看也不吃虧呀~ 到我網站看看=> post /60172674

  9. 當醫生檢查一個搔癢的病人,在檢查時將病人的手放在自己的手上以免感到搔癢,這有什麼作用呢?因為不管你感到多麼癢,你自己都無法感受到抓癢的感覺。可以試試看!其理由就是當你進行某個動作時,你的大腦有某部份正預測此動作可能造成的結果。例如,我們無法感受到椅子和襪子...

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