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  1. manners 把它當成態度上的禮貌,如對人恭敬,態度很好的那種禮貌 politeness 是禮貌,如不可無禮的那個"禮",比如說行為舉止

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  2. ... were observed at the ceremony.   慶典儀式遵循了所有的禮節 politeness  n. (名詞 noun) 1.有禮貌;客氣;文雅[U]   Such feelings...

  3. Due to time constraints, We’d appreciate it very much if you can respond to us about your willingness (to…..) at your earliest convenience. 註:1. 「由於時間的限制」,常用 due to time constraints, 或due to time limitations, 「由於...

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  4. True politeness consists in being easy one's self, and in making every one about one as easy as one can. Alexander Pope

  5. 1. Academic society politeness smile facing visitor and direction correct direction. 1.學會禮貌微笑的面對客人...society subscribes the room and returns a house this attention item and politeness . 4.學會訂房和退房該注意的事項和禮貌。 5. The academic society service personnel...

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  6. found a way of 發現方法 changed the way of 改變了方法 had a way of 有了方法 out of politeness 出於禮貌

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  7. 差別是 POLITENESS . 1. Could I have: most polite 2. I'll have: second most polite 3. Give me: rudest

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  8. 1.incomprehension politeness 2.don't to me confront you again

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  9. ...不移的 / 審慎的 樂觀主義 圖片參考: 2 politeness , 例: She spoke with studied politeness . 她故作有禮地說話...

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  10. ...友誼), knowledge(知識), wisdom, morality, beauty, knowledge, power ,love, health, opinion, politeness , difficulty, happiness 等。 抽象名詞的特點有: 抽象名詞一般沒有複數形式,前面...

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