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  1. play 玩 poems 詩 the world over 全世界 playwright 劇作家 performed 執行 start...

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  2. 1. 屈原是一位愛國詩人 2. 他以他的詩表達出自己對國家的熱愛 3. 然而, 君王(楚懷王吧)根本沒將他放在心上 4. 有一天, 屈原跳入汨羅江自殺 5. 於是人們將粽子投人江中餵食江中的魚, 以免魚群去吃屈原的屍體

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  3. ...黃鶴樓 君亦為吾倒卻鵡鸚洲 赤壁爭雄如夢裏 且須歌舞寬離憂   尚無完整白話 翻譯 ,僅能從鑒賞中去尋找詩句原意。 【鑒賞】   唐肅宗乾元二年(759),李白...

  4. 推薦您這個網站 http://www.chinese- poems .com/ 是介紹中國詩選~還有發音歐~很方便外國人學習 點進去你要的詩 下方有個traditional characters點進去~就可以轉繁體中文

  5. ... be only with you all the time. I use rhymes to complete the poem . The rhyme pattern is "aabbccc."

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  6. • Look at the poem ,s title: What might this poem be about? •看一下這首詩...的判斷力。 • Start with what you know. If the poem is difficult, distinguish between what you do and do not understand...

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  7. poem of nature In this universe time becomes less meaningful The universal dream vividly creats thousands of music

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  8. 1 poem ----詩 2 liberty---自由 3 abuse----不正當使用 4 field------草原 5jelly-------果凍/蒟蒻

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  9. The vulgar poem province is partial to the province of the west most for Canada, and out the Pacific Ocean and Asia.The vulgar poem province closes to second Bo to attain province and teaches...

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  10. ...27:33 補充: 好像是出自電子賀卡網站的內容 Poems /hugs.htm 2012-07-13 17:48:58 補充: 擁抱的詩 http://www.azlovepoems...