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  1. poem 含在 poetry 之下.poetry是指整個詩歌的範圍領域, 而在這領域之下的個別作品則是 poem .例句:This poem is a masterpiece in poetry. (這首詩是詩歌裡的傑作!)

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  2. ..., Hoping that they will say thanks Even if the poem has to end. 2014-02-28 20:28:32 補充: Like many contributors...

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  3. ...後來這個稱呼也被大家廣泛使用,幾乎成了交響詩的同義詞。 「交響詩」(symphonic poem )一語畢竟仍含有「交響性」(symphonic)的暗示,由字面的意義來說,和古典時期以來...

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  4. ...feed itself at tanks; And then, prodigious, step In this poem , Emily Dickinson compared train as a horse, which lap, lick...

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  5. ...cannibal" 都算是擬人的用法! Guess who the "he" is in the poem ? ------ "A Train"!!!

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  6. ...desire) 我想要(一個實際的欲望) I am (the first line of the poem restated) 我就是(這首詩第一行的重新敘述) I pretend (something...

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  7. poem 是可數的poetry是不可數的

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  8. all I ever long for little as a blink of your eyes never have I asked for,from you to me much as a whole of your life shall gardenia bloom the hill white, shall I you meet, if so can I love, with the depth of my soul, then depart then, long as life as eternity...

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  9. ... Sung Woo( 신성우 ) 歌名:序詩/The First Poem ( 서시 ) 圖片參考:

  10. poetry是 (總稱所有的)詩,詩歌,韻文 寫詩、背詩,詩意,詩情,詩趣,廣義的用法 poem 是單指(一首)詩 ,複數 poems 看用在那裡囉~ 如果是一本詩集 也不能單用 poems

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