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  1. "this game currenty unavailable please try again at another time" 目前currenty無法使用請找其他時段進行比賽 1.可能官網有出現...

  2. ...put exactly zero thought into sports writing as a profession at that point, I nevertheless agreed. I headed down to the...

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  3. ...看 (感官動詞) <== 專注的看, 多用在靜態事物, 與 at 連用 eg. Please look at this picture.

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  4. ...correct sample has a cube and beads between the bulbs for decorate. Please look at the example picture. 樣品100296我們做錯了規格,實際上這款產品在燈泡間有小方塊...

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  5. ... effective or ineffective and equate this exchange to linear or transactional communication. Please cite at least one page number in your writing. 1. 描述是有效或無效...

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  6. ... list of University in Taiwan is attached. Please find the following link.

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  7. ...through(同 thru), up... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. please ______ . (A) look at the door (B) look at it (C) look here (D) 以上皆示 解...

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  8. There is a comparable proverb in English: People who look for the largest shell on the beach always end up with the smallest one at hand.

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  9. the top left-hand corner of the page. 把名字寫在左上角. 2.用於(道路) on / at the corner Please stop on/ at the corner of the street. 請停在街道的轉角處. 3.用於(房間)或(箱子...

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  10. 告知:本人目前正在參加某一訓練課程, 會在四月十九日13:30時回辦公室 (言下之意: 本人現在無法接受您的email!!!) 2007-04-18 17:20:21 補充: 改: (言下之意: 本人現在無法"讀"您的email!!!)

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