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  1. 比較polite的回答 Please rest assured that our product will not be damaged by X-ray machine while ...

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  2. ... along with certification document may be made available upon your demand. Please rest assured !

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  3. 1. Let me serve you.2. this product is a brand new, please rest assured !3. treat me like your mother.4. I'm tired of playing this game.

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  4. ..., but I know you will see me on Facebook every day, Please rest assured thatHere I will take good care of themselvesNetwork ...

  5. ..., Axxx and Bxxx. Please confirm which one we should use. Please rest assured that we will pay special attention this time on the quality control and inspection. (不必交代...

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  6. 只要我在台灣,請你放心的來台灣,因為我會為你解決掉所有的問題。So(As) long as I am in Taiwan , please rest assured to come to Taiwan .I will solve all the problems for you.

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  7. 1. 單就亞洲與美國之間而言,我們自認為是經驗豐富的進出口商。 2. 供應情況與交付時間表。 3. 如果您需要一些特殊的音效, 我們也可量身打造(訂製)。 4. 請放心, 一旦你的民生用品與價格符合我們的市場需求, 我們就會下大筆訂單。 5. 可否麻煩您即時用email對我們的客戶報價?

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  8. ...reorganization in Malaysia and Indonesia . 對於訂單和出貨請安心. Please rest assured your order and shipment is in order. 如有需要我們將安排工作人員在...

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  9. ... the lowest cost so far, is it in USD or KGS? Please rest assured , providing you with the most affordable cost possible is our top...

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  10. ... and disinfected at an hourly basis. 此廁所每小時定時清潔消毒。 Please rest assured and feel at ease to use it. 請安心使用。 這樣寫會比較好喔! 希望我的回答...

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