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  1. extend是基於現有的路線,時間,或是容量做出具體的擴張.而expand就沒佑這種具體的關聯. 例子們: (適用extend) 1. The store hours are extended from 9:00-17:00 to 7:00-21:00. 2. The MRT red line is extended from 桃園到新竹. 3. The...

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  2. fail in an examination, then you fail to pass an examination.All your plans /attempts failed.Words fail you if you cannot find...

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  3. ...講座(的)系列 它的英語就是:Doctor (XXX)'s excellency promotion plan seminar series 2.要是它的意思是:博士(學位)卓越提升計畫講座(的)系列...

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  4. ...and Ellen throughout are right through ! Peggy:-Any special plan for the summer vacation , Ellen ? Ellen:-Yes, I'm...

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  5. (1) Plan and execute live-in-person events to sell 150 rooms sold in 24... campaign and directing. (4)Participating in the hotel planning stage.

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  6. Main clause- Hong Kong police tell their side (of the argument) Subordinate clause- as more protests (are being) planned ** words in () are suppressed to simply as news title

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  7. ---Responsible for the production line planning , materials and other (expenditure) control and to boost staff moral and to supervisor management personnel.

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  8. ... about $100 Canadian dollars; 7. I don't have plan to go anywhere because of snow in the winter; 8. No,I never travel alone but...

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