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  1. ...that is true. However, Transylvania is also a real place, (which is located in the heart of Romania in Eastern...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年11月29日

  2. ... how to write the Compo=He who writes should be in place,districts, time,order, importance, etc are having infinite power...

  3. They look like stand or cover for the desktop. Check the case and see if you can place them with the desktop.

    分類:硬體 > 桌上型電腦 2019年09月09日

  4. 每一員工被要求須找到一夥伴並且他或她需出現在消防演練的預定會合點 to pair up ------------- and(to省略) find him -------,係二個不定詞片語以and連接

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年08月28日

  5. "hammer,spanner,handsaw and" heavy metal parts are placed in separated front compartment of Toolbox.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年08月26日

  6. ... about(----) =There need to make =There need to become =to change place with someone =eg:-To change USA with Obama. =Active voice...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年08月13日

  7. Did you manage to find a place in Kahlua Apartment building for me? = Did...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年07月05日

  8. ... are several reasons: 1. Your address is incorrectly placed on the package. Jersey is considered its own country...

    分類:汽車與交通 > 航空器 2019年05月27日

  9. ..., we must go today. I do not like to Nike him at all. Placed at back position; is used to make expression have the oppositie meaning...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2019年05月23日