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  1. convince 和 persuade 是同義字, 簡單的說 convince 和 persuade 的差別是:通常 convince ...someone of the truth of a statement or proposition" - "To convince is to persuade by the use of argument or evidence."

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  2. ...push us to learn English. should be : You force/make/pressure/ persuade / convince us to learn English. 都可以. 如果你用 stress 會錯得更離譜, 它...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年08月29日

  3. 版主您好: 1. 這題的關鍵不在文法, 而是語法. [ convince ]與[ persuade ]本身都含有"(已經)說服"的語意. 因此, 以它們當主要動詞時, 幾乎都...

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  4. ...what U re asking. sorry for that. maybe U could try "statement to persuade someone" here. I ve seen that kind of expression in newspaper.

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  5. ...standard Grammar Book(Not yours) persuade persuade him to accept my recommendation on Oxon grammar bk. meaning:- convince ,influence, prevail upon (him), talk into (you),urge(you)use persuasion as a noun. the...

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  6. ... animals.她是馴獸專家。 4.He convinced me of his innocence.他使我相信他是無辜...discuss business.我們定期會面討論事務。 9.She persuaded me into buying it.她說服我買下了它...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2007年02月07日

  7. 1. he offered a better service _(which was)_compared__ to local soccer campswhich was 被省掉了 2. he offered a better service in comparison with local soccer camps

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  8. ...現在完成式或過去式來寫才對,用現在式寫並不恰當!I ve tried to convince / persuade him, but in vain (to no purpose / to no avail / of no avail / without success / with...

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  9. ...自修有歸類 如果不確定 能夠回去翻 +Ving advise, allow, appoint, ask, beg, convince , encourage expect, forbid, force, invite, need, order, permit, persuade remind, teach, tell, urge, wnat, would like + to VR agree, appear, attempt, begin...

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  10. 我說不過她。 I can't outtalk her. I can't persuade her. I can't convince her of my idea.

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