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  1. A perpetual bond with no maturity date and no repayment of principal that makes periodic fixed payments forever 一個終身的債券沒有到期日和沒有資本再支付, 造成永久週期性的固定付款 perpetual 終身的 principal【商業】資本,本金

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  2. A contented mind is a perpetual feast--->知足常樂

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  3. perpetual calendar

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  4. A contented mind is a perpetual feast. 「知足常樂」 ☆ Content :滿足 ☆ Perpetual :永恆...

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  5. ...have supported and always will support your efforts to invent a perpetual -motion machine

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  6. Ex1: Where can glory and fame be perpetual ? 是的,主詞為glory and fame是複數(possunt為複數),所以形容詞要用perpetuae而 不是perpetua Ex2: 是的,形容詞與兩個主詞中最近的filiae同性(f.)且為複數

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  7. 這句話是說有滿足的心就有長久的食糧,中文的成語就是知足常樂。

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  8. 1. A contented mind is a perpetual feat 2. Little by little and bit by bit 3. Practice makes perfect 4.One is never too old to lean

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  9. 1. Ticket to Peace 2. Thanksgiving Picture Frame with Calendar 3. Perpetual Calendar 4. Picture Frame for Treasures

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  10. ...不變的友誼" 英文怎麼拼? 有很多種說法: permanent friendship forever friendship perpetual friendship endless friendship eternal friendship unchanged friendship never-fading...

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