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  1. ...methodology survey in each territory, including bidder qualification and management, then periodical reviews and filtering. 4.承2.3-完成調查後將會重新規範合格供應商...

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  2. ...玻璃專家等等。 讓我也引述牛津字典對於你所問兩詞的 意思 : specialized adjectiverequiring or involving... on a small area of a subject:     periodicals have become more and more specialized  ● ...

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  3. 中翻英並不需要字字翻, 重點是真正的 意思 , 我直接重寫了,希望有幫到小忙 Miss evaluation, manage human resource data of resident doctor, edit periodicals and host interior conference and activities.

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  4. 如果是 News and PAMs 裡面的 PAMs,這是行話,PAMs 指的是 「 Periodicals And Magazines」,取開頭字母並複數化就變成 PAMs。 PAM 也是 pamphlet 的縮寫。

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  5. For the first time saw your periodical and decided to pouchastvovat' in the competition to "himself designer...

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  6. ...組獨特的8碼設計,是用來辨識紙版印刷或電子媒體週期性刊物(print or electronic periodical publication)所用。 反觀conference則無,conference一般指論壇。而論壇通常是邀集學有專精...

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  7. ...如果而不是作者增加(ed)或者(eds)在最後名字之后。 就多名作者而論縮寫ed al, 意思 '以及others ,在名字之后可接受。 不是別的在左邊去。 在右邊上...

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  8. 經濟郵件一包寄到一個地址 (M-Bag, USPS的特別服務, 專門送書等印刷品)一般重量未超過11磅, 費用 $17.60每多一磅或半磅要在增加$1.60書,樂譜,或期刊重量未過11磅, 費用 $11.55每多一磅或半磅要加$1.05重量不得超過66磅

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  9. ... how the reading method as well as does choose to suit own periodical ,The inside content also separately teaches our article the grammar and...

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  10. ...nsf/0/0b760bb9e0f6f5f848256962003306ac?OpenDocument periodical .Articles/ysjxzz/ysjx2004/0413/041329.htm

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