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  1. ...39;t Got You 如果沒有你 Some people live for the fortune 有些人,追求財富 Some people ...t got you 如果無法跟你長廂廝守 Some people search for a fountain 有些人,尋找生命泉源 Promises...

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  2. Are you angry CY Leung ﹖

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  3. ... have been many great men that have flatter’d the people , who ne’er loved them. 行動勝於雄辯,老百姓的眼睛是比他們...

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  4. ... If I Ain t Got You Some people live for the fortune Some people live just for the fame Some people live...

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  5. http://ent. people 這是大陸的網頁,所以會開得比較久一點 裡面有1-41及的分集介紹 (簡體字版)

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  6. people .html? peopleID =2778

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  7. ...39;er hill and dale telling their tale, Gaily they ring while people sing songs of good cheer, Christmas is here,, Merry...

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  8. ...out in the corners of the sky 當晨星在天邊的一角閃爍 And the people come, and the time just passes by 人來人往,時光流逝 Then i'm...

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  9. ...07 16:21:54 補充: 所屬經紀公司 - 台視演藝經紀聯盟 People .asp?ArtistID=1559 2007-06-07 16:22:28 補充: 姓名:林可彤(林怡圻) 英文名...

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  10. ...%E5%B1%95 http://homea. people

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