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  1. 我自己知道的是 penetrate , 字典也有這個字,你可以參考看看應該是這個用法沒錯

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  2. ... Pole.Because of the Earth greenhouse effect phenomenon, penetrates the media feeling giant glacier in during these years soon after...

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  3. ...massage on areas you wish to treat once or twice daily. The soft texture penetrates quickly and leaves skin a delightful sensation of freshness. 每日輕敷於您想要...

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  4. ... symbolizes maternally, therefore also with mother related,also may penetrate the moon constellation to know oneself when faces the oneself mother...

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  5. ...article embarks by Freud's psychoanalysis theory, penetrates to the @@ growth process in the life complex annotation, the discussion affects subconscious...

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  6. ...8.陰莖 英文: Penis 9.射精 英文: It is precise to penetrate 10.淫叫 英文: Excessive

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  7. 供您參考 : 許多攝影者喜歡來這邊拍照,因為光滲透葉子的光線真的十分迷人。Many photographers love to take pictures here, for the light penetrating leaves is really fascinating.

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  8. Kindly aids is the charity which invisible penetrates your me to live, their love is always omnipresent, ...

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  9. The westerly wind penetrates eastward 幫你用yahoo字典查到的 ^^

  10. ... is also good with teacher The meeting wants to penetrate the reason which the manpower bank seeks employment is because thought...

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