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  1. You re so ready for the summer that today feels "so yesterday" --just don t salck off with end-of-the-year school respondibilities or you may wind up paying a price. 你已經準備好暑假 的 到來今天對你來說有過去 的 感覺.但是你還是要好好 的 準備期末 的 到來.不然你可能就要付出代價了so yesterday - 快點過去so - 有加強 yesterday 的意思 yesterday - 昨天.

  2. ...a cut- off date for California residency. So you have to ask CCSF in order to determine if you have to pay for out-of-state tuition or nto. 2010-07-04 16:43:49 補充: Again, it depends on the cut off date.